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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to use Disney plus Group Watch

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Similar to other streaming platforms, Disney Plus has also facilitated its users with the freely accessible Disney Party or Disney Plus Watch party extension. Besides, installing this extension lets you host your watch part by creating the watch party link. And once you create the Disney Plus watch Party link, you can share it to invite people to your watch party. Disney Party or Disney Plus Watch Party extensions gives you the accessibility to stream and invite people worldwide. 

Moreover, to meet your expectations, you can find a wide range of streaming content on Disney Plus, such as movies, shows, series, documentaries, short films, and more. Now, straight jump onto the below information to gather manual information on the process of creating the Disney Party. Furthermore, you can increase and add more fun by accessing the Disney Plus group watch party features while streaming.   


How to use Disney plus Group watch?

Here are a few manual steps to ease the process of creating a Disney Party or Disney Plus Watch Party. And by following these downward steps, you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows, movies, and more with people you know worldwide. And here they are:   


1.Install the Extension 

Before you start, ensure you have a compatible laptop/PC such as Windows, Chromebook, or macOS. Plus, the device must have installed web browsers, and either it should be Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Only then you can install the Disney Plus party extension by clicking here. 

2.Pin Extension to the Toolbar

Next, you need to pin the Disney Party extension to the browser’s toolbar. Therefore, click on the pin icon to end pinning the Disney plus Watch Party extension to the top-right corner of the toolbar screen. 

3.Sign in to Disney Plus

Now, sign in to Disney Plus via your Disney Plus account. Also, ensure to have a Disney Plus subscription in order to use the Disney Plus streaming service. Also, ensure the other watch party members have their accounts and subscription. 

4.Create a Disney Party 

To create a Disney Plus party, you must sign in to your account and also select and play a video to stream at your watch party. And click on the “DP” button in the toolbar, then select the “Start the Party” icon to create your watch party link. Now, share the watch party link to invite people to the Disney Watch party.  

5.Join a Disney Party

To join the Disney Watch Party, click on the watch link shared by your friend or a host of the visual party. Further, click on the Disney Party link to automatically connect and join the Disney Plus Watch Party with other watch party members. 

Disney Plus Group Watch: Features

Here are a number of accessible and amazing Disney Party features that lets you amplify your streaming hours. And to dig more about them, follow the below information:    

1.Group Chat 

The first one is the live group chit-chat that allows you to talk with other watch party members and stream. Interestingly, you can even share emojis along with text messages to leave your expression or feedback.  


2.Global Accessibility

The global or worldwide accessibility lets you join Disney Plus Party from any corner of the world. But if you are facing unavailability issues, then switch your streaming location via the VPN services.   

3.Stream in HD

The available HD streaming feature can give your eyes a breeze experience, as it can give you levitating picture quality. Moreover, you can even enjoy streaming movies and shows in seamless syncing. 

4.Profile Customization

Using the profile customization or personalization feature allows you to add funny and cool avatars from provided profile icons. Also, you can get the option to set the username of your choice to your profile in Disney party.  

5.Control the Watch Party

The last feature lets the host have control over the Disney Party or Disney Plus Watch Party. Therefore, turn the “Only I have control” button “On,” and to release the control, turn “Off” the same button. Hence, you can control the play, volume, forward, rewind, and pause settings in the streaming video.

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